Divine Energy Activation.
The Sacred Union of Touch & Energy
16-23 December 2024, India

Deep within each one of us is a radiant core, a source of pure energy waiting to be discovered. It's time to awaken this dormant power and experience an ancient wisdom that has guided seekers for centuries.

Tantra Nectar
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Your masters:
Satya and Satyarthi - our beloved tantric couple, they met during Satyarthi's first retreat in Russia, and walked their unique path of unity and spiritual transformation as a couple and have been teaching offline and online programs together for the last 5 years around the world.
They share their experience, living examples of how to apply tantra in life to be happy every day.
  • Satyarthi Prateek
    Balance of material and spiritual.
    Tantra Master, Founder of the Tantra Nectar University, Creator of author's tantric courses, music for practice and meditation.

    Satyarthi dedicated every step
    of his life to immerse himself in the world of meditation, tantra, massage, and healing.
    By establishing the Tantra Nectar University, Satyarthi became a catalyst for those seeking profound knowledge and true insight

    Satyarthi dedicated his retreats and other programs to showing and teaching people that the path of enlightenment, love and service does not exclude material comfort and the benefits of the earthly world.
  • Satya Prema
    Love. Gratitude. Devotion.
    Tantra Master, a guide for women and couples.

    Helped reveal femininity to 1000+ participants in programs and retreats.

    Satya is your guide on the path of awakening the wild woman, where a woman experiences her prime and discovers the gifts of the Wild Wise Heart.

    Love. Gratitude. Aссeption. Devotion. The qualities that Satya brings to every retreat and generously shares with participants
The Divine Within:
Tantra unites spirituality and sexuality, offering a holistic approach to life and relationship.
All of us possess a divine spark, embodying the essence of Buddha's nature.

For many, this inner luminance remains unrecognized.
The timeless wisdom of Tantric teachings reveals a profound secret: perceiving every individual as divine
and unveiling gateways of love and healing.
Tantra is more than the study of the physical world.

By connecting with your sensual energy, you open the door to personal growth, well-being and harmonious relationships.

In the fast-paced world of modern life, it is easy to lose touch with your core energy—sexual energy. This disconnect can lead to dissatisfaction in various areas of life, from personal relationships to emotional and professional well-being.

Failure to harness sexual energy can be a barrier to achieving financial freedom, deep connections, strong relationships, and overall well-being.
It’s a 50-Hour Professional Training - Mastering the Art of Divine Energy Activation:

Embark on an intensive training journey that dives deep into the Divine Energy Activation technique. By the end, you'll be equipped with the skills and understanding to heal, transform, and elevate those around you.

  • Techniques for energy channeling
  • Theory & Practice
  • Hands-on practical sessions


Upon completing this workshop, participants will be awarded a certificate from Tantra Nectar University & Osho Nisarga.

This not only marks the culmination of a transformative journey but also equips you to impart sessions of the Divine Energy Activation technique professionally.

What to expect?
  • Conscious Touch
    Understanding and harnessing the power of touch with full awareness and intent.

    Dive deep into techniques that ensure every touch is filled with reverence, connecting both the giver and receiver on a profound level.
  • Energy Healing
    Explore the intricate dance of energy, understanding the science behind chakras, and the transformative potential of energy work. Learn to channelize, balance, and heal using these age-old practices.
  • Transformation
    Embark on this illuminating journey with us. Unlock hidden doors, explore ancient truths, and elevate your being.

    Immerse in an experience that blends age-old wisdom with practical insights, set in a nurturing environment that promises profound transformation.
The Path to Awakening:
( What will happen ? )

???? Ancient Tantric Secrets: Unveil the power of conscious touch, understanding the dance of energy, and realizing the depth of your Buddha-nature.

???? Osho Active Meditation: Engage with dynamic techniques to quieten the mind and stir the soul.

???? Bio Dynamic Breath Work Practices: Harness the transformative power of breath to unlock latent energies and heal.

???? Tantric Meditation & Rituals: Experience authentic Tantric rituals that have been passed down through ages, enabling spiritual elevation.

???? & Silence: Let your body move with the rhythms of existence, and then plunge into profound silence amidst nature.

???? Embracing Emptiness - The Bamboo Philosophy:

Invite the universe to transform us into empty vessels, akin to a bamboo, allowing love, life, and healing energies to channel through. Understand the magic and simplicity of being the 'Empty Bamboo' and become a conduit for the universe's vast energies.

Osho's Wisdom:

"So be prayerful. When you touch someone's body, be prayerful - as if God himself is there and you are just serving him. Flow with total energy. And whenever you see the body flowing and the energy creating a new pattern of harmony, you will feel a delight that you have never felt before. You will fall into
About Us:
· This ensures a pure and focused environment for everyone involved.

· Please take these guidelines seriously. This structure is in place to guarantee a holistic, immersive, and undisturbed experience for every participant.

· Your cooperation ensures a transformative journey for yourself and fellow attendees.
Participant Criteria:

Advanced Participants Only: This workshop is curated for those who already have a foundation in meditation. Only those familiar with meditation practices should apply.

Men's Pre-requisite: For male participants, it's essential to partake in the 2-day men's workshop scheduled before this main event. This ensures readiness to fully immerse in the experience of sharing and embracing divinity.

100% Commitment: This is a professional training workshop, demanding your undivided attention. Every participant must ensure complete attendance in all sessions and exhibit utmost dedication.

Ashram Decorum: The workshop takes place in the serene ambiance of Osho Nisarga. As attendees, respecting and adhering to the ashram's rules and systems is paramount.

Absolute Prohibition: During the workshop duration, consumption of cigarettes and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

500 $ - Early bird
600 $ - After 31 Aug 2024

Please note that payment is non-refundable.
This price is only tuition Fees

- food & accommodations are extra
(You need to check in on 15 Dec before 4 pm
and check out on 22 Dec after 2 Pm)

- to know more about food and accommodations please
contact to our organiser

Please note that there is a special price for Indian passport holders,
please book through the Osho Center

for payment with a card issued in Russia (your payment will be proceeded in rubles)
This workshop promises not just learning, but a transformative experience, a chance to evolve,
and the key to unlock the divine within.
The journey awaits; all that's required is your presence and intent.
The Venue

16-23 december 2024
Osho Nisarga
Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

An Osho meditation centre in the Himalayas - Osho Nisarga
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